Indiana is home to a variety of pests, and these creepy crawlers would love to find their way inside your home or business to escape the elements and look for an easy meal. One of the best ways to keep these pests outside where they belong is through perimeter pest control treatments. However, attempting to DIY perimeter pest control is a bad idea because there are 3 mistakes that you could make, and if you do make these mistakes, the treatments won't be as effective as they should be. For instance, you could miss some spots when applying the treatments, and pests will still be able to find their way inside. You could also use a product that is not very effective, causing you to waste time and money and you would still have a pest problem on your hands. Lastly, you could forget to reapply the treatments. Because perimeter pest control treatments only last for so long, a new treatment will need to be reapplied before the previous one wears off, and if you forget this step, pests could start finding their way inside your home or business again.

1. You could miss some spots when applying a perimeter pest control treatment.

Perimeter pest control treatments create a defensive barrier around your home or business that pests can't cross, effectively keeping them from making their way inside. If you try to apply this treatment yourself, there is a good chance that you'll miss some spots. If you do, pests will still be able to make their way inside. Professionals, on the other hand, will know exactly where these treatments need to be applied for maximum effectiveness, and they will make sure they don't miss any spots, so you can rest easy knowing that your property will be protected.

2. You could use a perimeter pest control product that's not effective.

Another common mistake you could make if you try to apply perimeter pest control treatments yourself is that you might end up using a product that's not effective. If you do, you'll be wasting money on an ineffective product and time applying a treatment that won't give you the results that you want. When you hire professionals, you can feel confident that they'll be using a product that is proven to work against a variety of pests.

Most perimeter pest control treatments are effective against a variety of pests including ants, spiders, cockroaches, beetles, earwigs, and more!

3. You could forget to reapply the perimeter pest control treatments.

While perimeter pest control treatments are very effective, they eventually wear off. In order to ensure your property is always protected, you will need to reapply a new treatment before the previous one wears off. If you forget to do this, your home or business will be vulnerable to pests once again. When you schedule a professional perimeter pest control service, professionals will automatically return to your property to apply a new treatment before the previous one wears off. This means that your property will have overlapping protection throughout pest season!

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