With spring just around the corner here in Indiana, it's time to start thinking about fertilizing your lawn. Spring fertilization has several benefits for the health and appearance of your grass. Fertilizing in the spring will give your grass an extra boost of nutrients and help it green up quickly as it emerges from winter dormancy. It will also help strengthen your lawn so that it can withstand the summer heat, which can be really tough on your turf. When you're fertilizing in the spring, make sure to use granular fertilizer so your lawn gets a constant supply of nutrients for months to come. Keep reading to learn more about why it's so important to schedule a fertilization treatment this spring.

Spring fertilization will help your lawn emerge from winter dormancy.

When the winter rolls around, your lawn will enter a dormant phase and use the supply of nutrients it stored up in the fall. As the warmer weather arrives in the spring, your grass will start to come out of that dormant state and could use an extra boost of nutrients to bounce back. Spring fertilization will help your lawn emerge from winter dormancy by supplying it with the nutrients it needs to thrive. This nutrient replenishment will also help your grass green up quickly so you can have a bright and vibrant lawn.

Three key ingredients in fertilizers are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Your lawn will get the nutrients it needs to survive the hot summer through spring fertilization.

Lush lawn grass with fertilizer treatments at a home in Carmel, Indiana.

The summer heat can be really detrimental to your lawn if it’s not prepared. The heat can weaken your grass, which makes it more susceptible to lawn diseases and insect infestations. It can also make your turf turn yellow and wilt, which can really hurt your curb appeal. Spring fertilization will give your lawn the nutrients it needs to become stronger before the summer months. The nutrient blast provided by spring fertilizer encourages the growth of deep root systems and thicker, denser blades of grass, so your lawn will be better prepared to face the heat. Your lawn will also be green and bright for the summer months, so your property will look beautiful and well cared for.

Make sure your spring fertilizer is granular!

For a spring fertilization treatment, it’s best to go with a granular fertilizer. Granular fertilizer comes in little pellets that you spread across your lawn before activating it with water. When the granules get watered, they start to break down and gradually soak into the soil. Granular fertilizer is slow-release, so your soil will get nutrients over time as they seep into the ground.

When you use granular fertilizer, you have less of a chance of burning your lawn. Fertilizer burn occurs when your lawn gets too much of the fertilizer's nutrients at once, and it can turn your lawn yellow and cause the grass to wilt. Since granular fertilizer is slow-release, your lawn won’t be overwhelmed by too many nutrients at once.

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At Turf Kings, we want to help you keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful, which is why we offer our fertilization program! As part of our fertilization package, we will fertilize your lawn in the spring so it successfully emerges from winter dormancy and strengthens in time for the summer. Notably, we use granular fertilizer to make sure your grass gets a constant supply of the nutrients it needs to thrive.

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