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Tick found on home owner in Fishers, IN.

Flea & Tick Control in the Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, & Zionsville Areas of Indiana

Turf Kings now handles Flea & Tick Control for Precision Cutz Customers!

We eliminate fleas and ticks with our liquid treatments.

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Our flea and tick control treatments are offered to properties in and around Carmel, Fishers, and Westfield, IN.

Our flea and tick program includes 3 treatments throughout the year.

With warmer weather comes the unfortunate reality of flea and tick season. Instead of constantly worrying about your kids and your pets getting bitten by a flea or a tick, sign up for our flea and tick treatments and get peace of mind. Our Pet Lovers Program includes 3 liquid flea and tick treatments that last throughout the entirety of pest season. These treatments also protect your lawn against armyworms, chiggers, ants, and more! We proudly serve the Carmel, IN area, including Fishers and Westfield.

Our Flea & Tick Treatment Schedule

Both fleas and ticks are prevalent in Indiana during the warmer months. Our goal is to keep these pests off of your property through the entirety of the flea and tick season, which is why our Pet Lovers Program schedule runs from April until November. When you enroll in this program, we'll visit your property 3 times with our pesticide treatment. You can expect the active ingredient that we use to last for about 90 days. But, don't worry! We'll be back to re-treat your property before the product wears off to ensure that there is never a lapse in coverage.

We Use a Liquid Flea & Tick Treatment

Professional applying treatment to lawn in Zionsville, IN.

To apply the treatment to your lawn, we use a liquid product as opposed to a granular product. We do this for a few reasons:

  • When liquid treatments are sprayed on your lawn, they cover the grass blades as well as the soil. This means that any fleas or ticks that are hanging out on the grass blades are taken care of. Granular treatments, on the other hand, just cover the soil and then have to be watered in.
  • You won't have to wait a long time to use your yard again. All you have to do is wait for the product to dry which, on a hot summer day, could mean as little as 15 minutes. The waiting period depends on the weather, so be sure to ask our crew exactly how long to wait on the day of treatment.

Our flea and tick control treatments are offered as an add-on to any of our lawn care programs.

Our flea and tick treatments handle other pests, too!

Ant hill found in client's lawn in Whitestown, IN.

Our Pet Lover Program doesn't just take care of the fleas and ticks in your yard. We want to keep your family, friends, and pets safe from all kinds of insects! Below is a list of pests that the treatments in our Pet Lover Program can take care of. This is not a comprehensive list, so if you don't see an insect that you are curious about, ask us!

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Carpenter ants
  • Armyworms
  • Centipedes
  • Chiggers
  • Gnats
  • Flies
  • Earwigs
  • Worms
  • Cockroaches
  • And more!

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Flea and tick bites can be dangerous, so it is important to do everything you can to stay away from them. The flea and tick population in Indiana is high during the summer, which is why we have set out to combat them with our ongoing treatments.

Our flea and tick treatments are offered as an add-on to any of our lawn care programs. When you work with our team, you will get incredible results. We're so confident in this that we back all of our services with a 100% iron-clad satisfaction guarantee. If your property is located in Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, IN, or a nearby area, give us a call today at (317) 350-1737 to schedule our flea and tick treatments.