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Frequently Asked Questions: Everything You Need To Know

Turf Kings is lawn care and pest control company serving customers in Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, and other nearby areas in Indiana.


Hi and welcome to Turf Kings! We back all of our services with a 100% iron-clad guarantee. No matter what, you'll be happy with the results - we promise! Give our team a call at (317) 350-1737 to sign up for our services today!


General Questions:

Why should I choose Turf Kings?

The list here is long, but a few reasons why your neighbors love us include; We guarantee every service, we make billing easy, we care about offering the best service, and we always answer the phone!

Is Turf Kings a locally owned business?

Yes! Turf Kings is locally owned and operated, giving you the personalized high quality service that will beat any size competitor.

How much do your services cost?

Every service we offer is priced based on your property. Quotes are free! So give us a call, or fill out a request online, and we will give you a free custom quote!

What areas do you service?
If  you click the areas tab on our website, you can see a map of our service area. We currently service the majority of the Indianapolis metropolitan area, and are expanding every year!
Which services should I start with?
It really depends on your needs! We love helping you reach your goals, and that means not selling you services that you don’t need. So talk to one of our experts about your problems and we can help you figure out what packages are best for you!
How frequently should I be using your service?
We make it easy! Unlike some, we only offer full packages, meaning whether its lawn care or pest control, our packages include every application you need, when you need it. So you don’t have to think about it!
How often should I mow? How short should I cut my grass?
Frequency varies throughout the year! What is important is the ? rule, you  should never cut off more than ? of your grass. So if you are mowing at our recommended height of 4 inches, you should make sure your grass does not get over 6 inches between cuts!
How often should I water my grass? When should I water it?
Cool season grasses here in central IN need 1.5-2 inches a week of water.  Use a rain gauge to see how much water your lawn is getting from mother nature, and add the rest yourself! We always recommend watering in the morning to help prevent disease.
How do I control the weeds in my yard?
The best weed control is a thick and healthy lawn. Weed control applications can be a great bandaid, but making sure your lawn has the nutrients it needs through regular fertilization, and filling in bare spots through aeration and overseeding in the fall, will ensure you a weed-free lawn!
Do I need to test my soil?
Soil pH influences nutrient availability. A pH test can determine if your soil is too acidic or too alkaline. Grass typically thrives in a slightly acidic to neutral range, so pH adjustments may be necessary if your soil is too far from this ideal range.
My problem is gone (no more weeds, pests, etc.) - do I need to continue booking this service?
If you’re at this point, it takes a lot of work to get to where you are at! Now we maintain. It’s important to stay on a program to continue playing defense against your pests, and giving your lawn the nutrients it needs!
What services do you offer?

We provide residential and commercial Lawn Care, Pest Control, and Holiday Lighting services.

Lawn Care service options include, Fertilization & Weed Control, Aeration, Liquid Aeration, Soil amendments, Slice Seeding, and Mole Control. Pest Control service options Include, Mosquito treatments, Quarterly interior and perimeter pest treatments, and Flea & Tick treatments. You can find more information on all of these services here on our website!

Are you licensed & insured?
Yes, we are fully licensed and commercially insured. We hold all of the required and necessary licenses for lawn care and pest control applications in Indiana.
How do I pay?
We require all of our clients to have a credit card on file. This allows us to provide the best hassle free  service. Your invoice will be generated immediately at the completion of service and your card will be charged the Monday following service. We accept all major credit and debit cards.  Your credit card can be added by clicking on the link that will be emailed to you shortly after becoming a client. If you are more comfortable giving us the card information over the phone we are happy to take it that way as well!
Will I get an invoice if you have my card on file?
Immediately after your card is charged, you will be emailed a receipt from our processing company. The following day (every Tuesday) we will send out a copy of every invoice from the prior week. This will have more information than the receipt you received on monday. This invoice will also show your balance should there be any issues with your card on file!
What happens if damage is caused on my property?
Contact our office right away at (317) 350-1737 so we can make it right. Of course it is never our  intention to  do any damage to your property, however accidents happen. Any time you see potential damage that may have occurred during service, please let us know right away. We have vendors and staff members to handle these situations. Please do not contact an outside vendor for the repair before contacting us.
If I have a service concern, how do I communicate it to you?

We strive for your complete satisfaction with every service that we provide. Should there be any issues with your service, please let us know as soon as possible. We will happily send the crew back out to correct any issues, we just ask that if possible you contact us within 24 hours of the service. 

You may email our office directly at info@turf-kings.com

You may call our office at (317) 350-1737. Please leave a voicemail if it is after hours.

Do I have to sign a contract? What if I need to cancel my services?
When you sign up for service you are not obligated to stay for the entire year. However you do have to sign our agreement which includes our prices and terms of service. At any point should you need to cancel your services, we just have a 7-day cancellation policy.
Does someone need to be home when you service my home?
Nobody has to be home when your home is serviced. All we need is access to all areas of your property that are being serviced. If you have a gate, it must remain unlocked for the full day of your scheduled service day. If you prefer not to unlock your gate, we recommend that you use combo locks and that you provide us with the password or combination. We do not send our crews back or issue any credit for not servicing inside a locked fenced area.
Are the lawn & pest applications safe for my family and pets?
All of the applications that we use are mixed and applied to the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In their diluted form they are considered by the EPA to be “practically non-toxic.” There is not a credible study linking lawn care products to any adverse health effects. That being said, for best practices, we recommend you stay off the lawn until it is dry.
What happens at the end of the season?
Every year at the end of the season our multi-visit packages will automatically renew. We will reach out and give you a heads up before the season starts to let you know just in case you moved and forgot to cancel! Single visit services such as Aeration and Holiday lights will not automatically renew, however we will reach out to see if you are interested again the following season.
Does the price go up every year?
We do not have any structured price increases in our agreements that will automatically go up. However, if it is necessary to raise your price in order to keep up with rising costs, there may be adjustments in  accordance with your service agreement.


Lawn Care Service Questions:

What lawn care programs do you offer?

Lush Lawn Package: This is our 7-step program! Over the course of 6 visits starting in early spring going through early Winter, your lawn will get several fertilizer and weed control treatments, as well as one grub control treatment! This program uses HIGH QUALITY products that will give your lawn all the nutrients it needs, and keep those pesky weeds out!

Lush Lawn Plus Package: This Package will give you all the same great benefits you see above plus a fall Core Aeration & Overseeding. You will get a double pass aeration at 10% off our normal rate! Aeration is a HUGE part of building a healthy lush lawn, which is why this is our most popular package!

Lawn Domination Package: This is our ultimate lawn package for people who want to dominate their neighborhood! This service includes our full 7-step program, fall Core-Aeration/Overseeding, PLUS our spring liquid aerate soil conditioner at a discounted price! This package includes all the steps needed to get your lawn to magazine cover status!

Why should I hire a professional?
When you hire a professional like us, you know that you are hiring a professional who is certified to apply chemicals that are licensed by the state of Indiana. In addition, you know that the weeds and problem areas of your lawn are being treated the right way and at the right time.
What is a core aeration?
Having a core aeration performed on your lawn is the process of pulling plugs from the lawn, loosening the soil to improve the flow of air, water, and nutrients to the grass’ roots. Aerating your lawn controls thatch build up, relieves compacted soil, and stimulates root development by helping more nutrients reach the grass root, creating a healthier lawn.
Do you guarantee your treatment services?

Yes. We guarantee all our lawn care services. We will come back to re-spray any actively growing weeds as long as it is requested between 14-30 days from the previous application. We also guarantee our pest control programs. If you encounter any pest problem between our regularly scheduled treatments, we will come back to re-treat those problems at no additional cost to you.

Are the applications safe for my family and pets?
All of the applications that we use are mixed and applied to the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In their diluted form they are considered by the EPA to be “practically non-toxic.” There is not a credible study linking lawn care products to any adverse health effects. That being said, for best practices, we recommend you stay off the lawn until it is dry.
How many times a year do you treat the lawn?
All of our fertilization packages include 6 fertilization and weed control applications, and 1 grub control application. Our other packages can additionally include an aeration and overseeding visit in the fall, and a liquid aeration in the spring.
What if it rains after application?
Rain following a pre-emergent or lime treatment is good because it washes the product into the soil. However, if weeds are present at the time of application, and it rains within 4 hours of the application, rain can affect the results. If this is the case, give the application time to work (See below for “How long before the weeds die?”) and if at this time the weeds do not begin to shrivel up and die, please call and we’ll gladly re-treat the weeds at no additional cost to you.
How long before the weeds die?

After a few days you should start to see weeds shriveling, but weed control is dependent on the temperature. A general rule of thumb is the colder the evening temperature the longer it takes for weeds to die. 

Cold evening temperatures - 14 to 21 days for results.

Warm evening temperatures - 7 to 10 days for results.

What is your re-spray policy?
If the weeds do not die after the number of days required for results we will provide a free re-spray as long as the request is within 30 days of your last regularly scheduled treatment.
Why can’t all weeds die with one spraying and still not hurt the grass?
The answer to this question is quite simply that this chemical has yet to be created, and probably never will be. There are two major weed groups that grow in your lawn throughout the year: broadleaf weeds that grow in cool temperatures, and grassy weeds that grow during warm temperatures. Each weed group has specific chemicals that are used for post-emergent control. These chemicals can only work on these weeds within a certain temperature range. If the temperature does not reach this range, you will not see good results.
How long should I wait after an application before I water or cut the grass?
It is usually best to wait 24 hours before watering the grass following an application. Also make sure that within 7 days of the application the product has been watered into the soil either by rain or sprinkler to ensure the best results. You can cut the grass any time after the product has been watered into the soil. It is safe to get back on the lawn once the lawn is dry.
Why did my lawn turn yellow after the application?
Sometimes after an application in the summer months, the yard will get a little “tip-burn”. The salts in the fertilizer may slightly burn the grass or it could be a little burn from the herbicide. Either way this condition is temporary. Please follow the listed watering instructions to aid in the recovery for a lush-green lawn. In the fall and winter some areas may turn yellow to yellow-brown after an application. This is normal for this time of year. The yard is going dormant and may not turn green again after this application until spring.
Is Turf Kings licensed to apply lawn herbicides?
Yes. All commercial lawn care and pest control applicators are required by the state Department of Agriculture, and the Office of Indiana State Chemist to be licensed, and insured to apply pesticides of any sort. All lawn care and pest control application technicians are required to be tested, certified, and recertified every three years. We are proud to say that all of our technicians are certified.
Does Turf Kings use dry granular or liquid materials when treating my lawn?
Turf Kings uses both dry and liquid materials depending on the time of year and what is best for your lawn. Generally speaking, granular fertilizer, and liquid weed control.
How often are my applications for treatment?
Generally, applications are applied every 35-45 Days.
Will lawn treatment services continue year after year?
All of our lawn care packages auto-renew every year. We keep it hassle free!

Pest Control Questions:

What Pest Control programs do you offer?

Mosquito Control: If you like to hang out in your backyard, then you probably understand why this is one of our highest requested services!  Not only do mosquitos try to ruin your fun outdoor time, but they also carry many dangerous diseases! That's why our team will come out about once every month from late March to early October, and make sure that your property is Mosquito Free! And if at any time between your 8 treatments you notice you still have mosquitoes, or they come back before the next treatment, just let us know, and we will come out for free to give you a booster treatment!

Pest Control: When it comes to bugs, this is the package that hits closest to home. Literally, on our initial visit we do a full sweep of the interior, as well as the exterior of the home. Then we come out 4x per year and treat the foundation. 3 feet up, and 3 feet out from the base of the home, all the way around, as well as eaves, window sills, and if you are having any issues inside, just let us know and we will treat those problem areas at no additional charge! If at any point you are noticing a lot of bugs, especially if you see a trail of ants coming and going, let us know so we can rebuild that barrier for you!

Pet-Lovers Program: This package is designed to protect families and man’s best friend from the bugs that carry diseases in your lawn. This program treats all lawn insects, including, but not limited to Fleas, Ticks, and Chiggers. Between April and October, we will visit your property 5 times to treat your lawn for these pests.

Royal Pest Package: This is the package you are looking for. One stop shop for all your bug problems! This package will include Mosquito Control, Interior & Exterior Pest control, as well as our pet-lovers applications for your lawn! We combine all these into a 10 visit plan, that involves visiting every 4 weeks or so from March to October, and 2 winter visits between the months of November and February!

What does the mosquito control service include?
During a mosquito application, we target all of the areas where mosquitoes frequent to eliminate nesting and make your outdoor areas enjoyable again! Spraying non-blooming bushes, tree canopies, and eaves of your home! Our mosquito package includes 8 applications per year.
Are your mosquito treatments safe for pollinators?
Pollinators are our friends! When we see that certain plants are blooming during our visits, we will avoid those areas. If you see us skip an area, this is likely why. If it does result in you still having mosquitoes, just let us know and we will come back at no additional cost!
What areas of my property will you spray for mosquitos?
We will spray the eaves of the home, all non-blooming bushes, tree canopies, and occasionally we will leave dunkers in areas with sitting water.
What can I do to help reduce mosquitos on my property?
Believe it or not, mosquitos will lay eggs in your gutters. They can lay dormant for a while in the gutters. Keeping clean gutters will reduce the sites that the mosquitoes have to lay eggs. Additionally, making sure you are not creating any areas with sitting water. Turning over empty pots, and similar items can minimize mosquito breeding grounds.
What does your pest control service include?
This service is designed to keep your home bug free, by treating with products that your home needs and when it needs it. We will schedule an initial visit where we will come inside and spray the entire interior or your home as well as spray the exterior foundation of the home and knock down any existing cobwebs. This service includes an initial visit, and 4 visits per year, 1 each quarter. Quarterly visits will be primarily exterior defense unless you have an interior problem area you’d like us to target!
Do you offer exclusively interior pest control services?
With our pest control service, we offer an initial visit where we will spray the entire interior of the home. The remainder of pest control treatments will be completed on the exterior of the home. If you see interior pest issues, please contact our office and we will send a technician out to come inside and treat the problem area.
Will you treat the interior of my house during each pest control visit?
We will only spray the entire interior of the home during the initial visit, all other treatments will be on the whole exterior of the home. If you see issues inside of your home, please contact our office and we will schedule an interior visit for your problem at no additional cost to your regular visit.
Do you offer services for flea and tick control?
Yes, this is included in our Pet-Lovers Program. This program is designed to help get rid of fleas, ticks, and chiggers by treating your entire lawn. Our Royal Pest Program also includes these applications.
Can you help me with small rodents?
Yes. We offer bait traps that can be added to any of our packages. These bait traps will be placed around the exterior of your home every 50 feet or so. When we are on the property, we will check the traps and replace the bait if needed. Mole’s specifically have their own treatment plan. If you have mounds throughout your yard that look like paths, that means you have moles.
Are the bait traps safe for pets and children?
The bait traps that we use are only accessible by key, which makes them tamper proof. However, we recommend keeping bait traps away from your pets and children.
Do you guarantee your service?
Yes. If you see any issues after a treatment, simply contact our office and we will send a technician out to re-treat the area(s).


Holiday Lighting Quesions: 

How much does it cost?
Because this service is custom fit to your home, every single house is different. Quotes are free, so give us a call, or fill out a request online, and we can get you a price to light up the areas you are looking for!
What colors do you have?
We have 7 colors! Red, blue, green, purple, orange, and two tones of white; warm and cool. Warm white looks more like the old incandescent bulbs and gives off more of a yellow hue. Cool white is more of the pure bright white, it can sometimes give off a bit of a blue hue.
Can I change my colors each year?
Yes, there is an additional fee to change them out. We charge by the bulb, so it all depends on how many you change.
Do we have to sign a contract?
No, we do not have contracts. We hope you like our service and want to continue with us, but you are welcome to stop service at any time. You purchase the lights, so they are your lights.
Do you hang lights on trees?
Yes. For trees, we primarily use mini-light strands. Each strand is about 24 feet with 70 lights each. We can put as many or as few strands on a tree as you would like.
Can you hang lights around my windows, doors, or garage?
No. There is no way for us to attach the lights to these exterior areas of the house without attaching something permanent to your home.
Can you hang lights that I have purchased somewhere else?
No. We only hang lights that are the commercial grade lights that we supply. This allows us to guarantee our work and fix any issues that may come up.


Service Calendar:

What time of year do you offer your service?

We offer different services at different times of the year, please reference our calendar to see which services we offer and when they are available.

Turf Kings Service Calendar

Working with us means getting results - guaranteed.

We understand that it can be hard to take a chance on a new lawn care and pest company - which is why we've made it easy for you. Our 100% iron-clad guarantee means that you will see your desired results, guaranteed. If, for some reason, you are not happy with the end result of your lawn care or pest control service, just let us know. We'll return to your property to make it right. If the results still are not good enough, we'll pay a competitor to fix it. That's right - we trust that you'll love our services so much that we're willing to pay a competitor if we're wrong!

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Healthy grown lawn after services done by Turf Kings in Westfield, IN.

Our team at Turf Kings is filled with individuals who are passionate about doing what is best for your lawn and keeping pests like fleas, ticks, ants, and spiders away from your property. We proudly serve the Carmel, IN area, including Fishers, Westfield, Zionsville, and more. If you're in the market for some lawn care and/or pest control services, give us a call today at (317) 350-1737 to get on our schedule!