You probably have a lot going on in the spring. But even as your pace of life picks up, you can't forget to schedule one thing — your liquid aeration treatment! Liquid aeration relieves soil compaction under your lawn in Indiana so that vital resources, such as oxygen and nutrients, can reach the roots of your grass and provide nourishment. With access to these key resources, your lawn will be able to transition successfully out of winter dormancy and become strong in time for the summer. Through liquid aeration, your grass will also be able to better absorb the nutrients provided by a spring fertilization treatment, which is another service you can't forget to schedule.

Liquid Aeration Loosens Compacted Soil

The soil under your lawn becomes compacted over the winter due to the sub-freezing temperatures and snowfall. As your soil compacts and hardens, it restricts the flow of key resources to the roots of your grass. Liquid aeration solves that problem. When liquid aeration is performed at your property, it loosens the compacted soil under your lawn and creates passageways that nutrients and other resources can use to reach the roots of your turf. This helps your roots gain better access to everything your lawn needs to flourish, from water and oxygen to nutrients and sunlight. With enhanced access to these resources, your lawn will have all it needs to emerge successfully from winter dormancy and start the growing season on the right foot.

Liquid aeration should be performed annually between April and June.

Liquid Aeration Prepares Your Lawn For The Summer

Liquid aeration doesn't just help your lawn get a good start to the growing season. It also strengthens your grass to help it prepare for the upcoming summer. This is very important because of how stressful the summer can be on cool-season grass, which thrives when temperatures consistently stay between 60 to 75 degrees. Since temperatures typically exceed that range from June to August, the summer season can be a real struggle for cool-season turf. That means it needs all of the help it can get ahead of time. By having liquid aeration performed on your lawn in the spring, your grass will have access to the resources it needs to develop strong roots in preparation for the summer. Then, you won't have to worry as much about how it will fare in the heat.

Don't forget to schedule a fertilization treatment in the spring, too!

While liquid aeration is a pivotal lawn care treatment, it is not the only one you need to schedule this spring. Don't forget to schedule a fertilization treatment, too! A spring fertilization treatment will supply your lawn with the nutrients it needs to emerge from winter dormancy and thrive during the growing season. Not only will it help your grass green up, but it will also help it develop a deep root system and become more resistant to environmental stress. Fertilizing your lawn in the spring positions it to be healthy and strong all year long!

By investing in liquid aeration, your lawn will be better able to absorb all of the nutrients it gains from a fertilization treatment.

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