If your lawn in Indiana is looking a little discolored this spring and you think that the roots of your grass aren't getting the nutrients that they need, you may be thinking of signing up for a core aeration service. But wait! Core aeration is actually not a great idea for your lawn in the spring. You may not know this, but core aeration can actually stress your grass out and cause more damage at a time when it's supposed to be recovering from the winter and starting a new growing season. Core aeration works best when performed in the fall since your lawn will be strong enough to withstand the stress that comes with this service. Instead of core aeration, you should opt for liquid aeration in the spring. This is a less invasive way to break up the compacted soil on your property while still helping your grass grow and thrive.

Why is core aeration not a great idea for your lawn in the spring?

Aeration is a great way to loosen compacted soil under your lawn, but did you know that core aeration can actually do more harm than good in the spring? Springtime is when your grass should be focused on growing strong and healthy as it comes out of winter dormancy, and core aeration can cause your lawn to become stressed due to its invasiveness. Similarly, if you have pre-emergent weed control treatments applied to your lawn around the same time, core aeration can break the weed control barrier. You may start to see ugly weeds popping up on your lawn if this happens, which could cause more harm to your grass and negatively impact your curb appeal.

When should core aeration be performed?

Core aerator in a lawn in Carmel, IN.

Instead of performing core aeration in the spring, it’s best to have it done in the fall. At this time of year, cool-season grasses will be at their strongest, and your lawn will be able to handle the core aeration process without suffering stress-related damage. It’s likely that the soil under your lawn will be compacted in the fall due to heavy foot traffic from the summer, so this is a great time to get your turf back on track. Core aerating your lawn in the fall will enable your grass to access the nutrients and resources it needs to grow strong and healthy prior to winter dormancy. As a result, your grass will be well-positioned to weather the winter.

What can you do in the spring instead of core aeration?

Instead of core aeration, you can opt for liquid aeration in the spring! Liquid aeration will loosen any compacted soil that occurred as a result of the freezing winter temperatures by breaking down dense particles in the soil. That way, your lawn will get all the resources it needs to thrive during the growing season. Liquid aeration will also help to prepare your grass to handle the upcoming summer heat.

Liquid aeration is far less invasive than core aeration, so it won’t stress your grass out while it’s growing.

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Liquid aeration being applied to a lawn in Carmel, IN.

At Turf Kings, we offer both liquid and core aeration to make sure your lawn gets all the resources it needs to thrive throughout the year. We offer our liquid aeration treatments in the spring, from April to June, to help set your grass up for success during the growing season. Then, we offer core aeration in the fall, from late August to October, to help strengthen your grass prior to the winter.

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