Everyone wants a weed-free lawn, especially since they steal nutrients away from your grass for themselves and drag down its curb appeal. While weeds are common here in Indiana, it's possible to keep them off your turf - by investing in pre- and post-emergent weed control! Pre-emergents work by preventing weeds from sprouting above the surface, while post-emergents eliminate any existing growth. So, when you utilize both treatments, you can cover each end of the weed life cycle and ensure your lawn stays free of these pesky nutrient thieves!

What is pre-emergent weed control, and how does it work?

Prevention is a highly effective method of weed control, hence why pre-emergent treatments are so important. These blanket treatments cover your entire lawn, creating a barrier that prevents newly germinated weeds from sprouting through the soil. That way, they don't have a chance to overrun your turf and become a nuisance in the first place.

However, while pre-emergents are crucial to maximize effective weed control, timing is essential when applying them. They only work on weeds at a certain point in their growth cycle; any already past this stage can still surface on your lawn. So, you'll want to invest in these treatments early enough to get a jumpstart on weeds.

What is post-emergent weed control, and how does it work?

If pre-emergents only prevent weeds from surfacing on your lawn, what do you do with those that already exist or weren't affected by these treatments? Well, that's where post-emergent weed control comes in! Post-emergents are spot treatments, meaning you spray them directly onto the growth rather than blanketing your entire lawn. Once you do, they seep into the soil and kill its roots, eliminating the whole weed.

Utilizing Both Pre- & Post-Emergent Weed Control Treatments Will Help You Get a Weed-Free Lawn

While pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments have individual benefits, they'll yield the best results when you utilize them together. After all, pre-emergents will drastically reduce the number of weeds that surface on your lawn, saving you the trouble of playing catch-up every time one pops up. Then, post-emergents can eliminate any that do or have already sprouted, ensuring you don't have to deal with existing weeds. Investing in both weed control methods will help cover each end of the weed life cycle and keep your turf free of these pesky nutrient thieves.

So, when do you apply pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments? Because pre-emergents need time to settle in your soil, you'll want to administer them in the late winter and again in the spring to get a head start on controlling weeds. Meanwhile, you can utilize post-emergent treatments throughout the rest of the year to stay on top of the weed population.

Common weeds in Indiana include ground ivy, wild violet, dandelion, clover, chickweed, and henbit.

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