Weed control is essential to making sure that your lawn is free from those pesky, nutrient-stealing plants, and there are two different types of treatments you can choose from. Liquid weed control is a fast-working treatment that can be used as either a pre-emergent or post-emergent treatment depending on your lawn's needs. Granular weed control typically works as a pre-emergent weed control treatment and provides continuous protection so that weeds cannot sprout through the soil. There are also post-emergent options for granular weed control treatments. Both liquid and granular weed control treatments are great options, and which one you should use just depends on the time of year here in Indiana that you're treating your lawn.

What is liquid weed control?

Technician spraying post-emergent weed control to dandelion in lawn in Westfield, IN.

Liquid weed control is a fast and efficient way to keep weeds off your property. It can either be sprayed across the entire lawn or it can be used as a spot treatment depending on the needs of the lawn. Similarly, liquid weed control can either be used as a pre-emergent or a post-emergent weed control treatment. Liquid pre-emergent weed control treatments are typically sprayed across the entire lawn to create a barrier on the soil that will prevent weeds from sprouting. When used as a post-emergent weed control treatment, liquid weed control is used as a spot treatment on individual weeds to rid your lawn of these pesky plants.

What is granular weed control?

Granular weed control pre-emergent spread over lawn in Fishers, IN.

Granular weed control treatments come in small granules that are spread out on your lawn and are activated by water. They then start to break down and seep into the soil to start working. Granular weed control is typically used as a pre-emergent treatment and continuously works to create a barrier to block weeds from sprouting. There are also post-emergent granular weed control options that kill weeds that have already sprouted.

Common weeds found here in Indiana include dandelions, clover, wild violet, ground ivy, chickweed, and henbit.

Is one type of weed control better than the other?

The type of weed control you use simply depends on what time of year it is. Granular pre-emergent treatments are best suited for the spring. Around this time is when seeds begin to germinate and grow, so it’s best to apply a granular, pre-emergent treatment to prevent these weeds from sprouting. Because weeds steal vital nutrients from your grass, and springtime is the growing season when your grass needs all the resources it can get to grow strong, you'll want to do everything you can to prevent weeds from sprouting on your lawn and taking the nutrients for themselves.

Liquid weed control can be used for the rest of the year. You can use a round of liquid pre-emergent weed control in the late spring to quickly get more protection going into the hot summer months. If weeds pop up on your property throughout the rest of the year, you should use liquid post-emergent weed control treatments to get rid of them.

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