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Zionsville, IN Lawn Care & Pest Control Services

We will take care of your lawn and ensure your property is free from pests.

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We offer lawn care and pest control services to commercial and residential properties in Zionsville, IN.

Our crew offers lawn fertilization, weed control, aeration, perimeter pest control, mosquito control, and more.

Zionsville is a suburban town located in Boone County, Indiana. The residents of this beautiful town appreciate its small-town feel and love the fact that it is just a short drive away from bigger cities like Carmel and Indianapolis. If you want to get out and explore the natural beauty of Zionsville, you can visit one of the many parks in this city, including Mulberry Fields, Starkey Nature Park, and Turkeyfoot Nature Park. You can also try going to the Hopwood Cellars Winery and taste the fantastic wines made from grapes that are outsourced from the best vineyards in the state.

Here at Turf Kings, we like to help the commercial and residential property owners in Zionsville, IN improve their lawns and keep their properties free from pests. Our lawn care and pest control services include lawn fertilization, weed control, aeration, overseeding, perimeter pest control, mosquito control, and more.

We cultivate healthy lawns with our top-notch lawn care services.

Seeds poured over lawn for overseeding service in Zionsville, IN.

Keeping your lawn healthy and strong is no easy task. That's where we offer a variety of lawn care services to help you achieve such a lawn! Our lawn fertilization treatments involve applications from February to December to ensure your grass receives the essential nutrients it needs to grow healthy. We also offer weed control treatments to tackle weeds like ground ivy, wild violet, dandelion, and chickweed, preventing them from competing with your grass for resources.

Aeration and overseeding also help cultivate healthy and vibrant lawns. At Turf Kings, we offer liquid and core aeration services to address soil compaction and help the roots of your grass access more nutrients, water, air, and sunlight. We can also help you improve the appearance of your turf by bringing in new growth with our overseeding and slice seeding services.

Zionsville, IN is no stranger to damage-causing lawn diseases and lawn insects. Our crew offers a highly effective lawn disease control treatment that targets red thread, dollar spot, and brown patch. We also deal with lawn pests like armyworms, grubs, and chinch bugs.

Our holiday lighting service can brighten up your property during the holiday season.

Our Pest Control Services Target Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Chiggers, & More Pests

Filled tick found on homeowner's pet in Zionsville, IN.

It's never fun to discover that pests have taken over your property. Our perimeter pest control service can protect your home or business by creating a protective barrier around your property to keep pests from entering. We'll spray our treatments 10 times a year to ensure you and your loved ones are always protected. We also offer a mosquito control service that includes applications of our highly effective pesticide to eliminate these pesky insects from your property.

Our chigger control service involves spraying our treatments on your entire lawn to get rid of chiggers and prevent them from biting you. We also offer a flea and tick control service as an add-on to our pest services.

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At Turf Kings, we offer top-quality pest control services to homes and businesses in Zionsville, IN. Whether you need our help improving your lawn's health or keeping your property free from pests, we are the team to call. Give us a call today at (317) 350-1737 to schedule any of our lawn care and pest control services.